Cars and Semi Truck Accident in Nampa, Idaho

Two cars and a semi truck were involved in an accident last Wednesday.  The semi truck accident occurred in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 84 in Nampa, Idaho. The driver of a pickup truck was attempting to merge into traffic when she lost control and hit a semi truck loaded with lumber. The semi truck overturned blocking two lanes of eastbound traffic. Another car was heading eastbound and struck the debris from the original crash. The driver of the semi-truck was taken to St. Alphonsus in Nampa by ambulance to evaluate and treat for injuries.  Traffic remained blocked while crews worked to move the semi truck and the lumber it was carrying. All occupants were reported wearing seat belts at the time of the crash.

Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

If you’ve been involved in a semi truck accident, hire an attorney to handle your case. An experienced semi truck accident attorney will know what to do to get you the greatest compensation. Some things an attorney can do include hiring experts to download black box data, sending a spoliation letter to the driver’s employer to preserve log books, interviewing witnesses and investigating officers. Federal law requires trucking companies to preserve information about their truck drivers. The period that they need to save the information is limited so you need to hire an attorney very quickly to preserve the evidence.

Your semi truck accident attorney will obtain information such as:

  • The driver’s application for employment
  • CDL license, prior traffic citations
  • Driver’s employment history
  • Medical examination certificates
  • Drug testing records
  • Driver review history
  • Road test certifications
  • Trip monitor
  • Trip recorder
  • Post-collision maintenance
  • Inspection and repair records, and more.

This information is valuable to demonstrate the negligence of the driver and determine if the operator and trucking company willfully and intentionally violated federal laws for profit, leading to claims for punitive damages.