Are You Liable if Your Dog Bites a TrespasserFor many dog owners, their dog is part of the family and also provides security to the home and family members. But what if your dog bites a trespasser? Are you still liable? Depending on the dog bite laws in your state, you could be liable for all injuries, medical bills and other losses stemming from a dog bite even if the person was trespassing on your property. As a dog owner, it is important to know and understand the dog bite laws in your state and how you can protect yourself in case your dog bites someone.

No “One Free Bite” in Idaho

Some states offer the “one free bite” rule. Meaning, if it was the first time the dog bit someone, the owner would not be held liable. However, the Idaho Supreme Court characterized the “one free bite” rule as “fallacious,” or false. All dog owners in the state of Idaho will be held responsible if their dog bites someone regardless of whether the person was trespassing on private property. It is the responsibility of all dog owners to control their dog or dogs so no one is injured.

More Idaho Dog Bite Laws

Parke Gordon Law Firm has listed all other dog bite laws for the state of Idaho on our company website. Click here to see a list of all dog bite laws in Idaho.

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