Fatal Head-on Motorcycle Accident Near BoiseA fatal head-on motorcycle accident occurred on Highway 22 near Boise according to Oregon State Police. The motorcyclist crossed over the center of traffic colliding with an oncoming van before then also hitting an oncoming SUV. It is unknown the reason for the motorcycle crossing over the center line. The motorcyclist died from his injuries at the scene of the motorcycle accident. No other injuries were reported. Traffic was closed for about five hours after the accident.

Common Causes of Head-on Collisions

Head-on collisions typically occur when a car or motorcycle crosses over the centerline or median and crashes with an approaching vehicle. Other head-on car accidents occur when a driver knowingly or unknowingly drives the wrong way in a traffic lane. Statistics from the Fatal Analysis Reporting System(FARS) showed that 75 percent of head-on car accidents happen on rural roads. This report also showed that 75 percent of head-on car accidents occur on undivided two-lane roads and 83 percent of two-lane undivided car accidents are on rural roads. These statistics indicate that most head-on car accidents result from a driver making an “unintentional” maneuver such as the driver falls asleep, is distracted, drunk, is driving too fast for road conditions or is speeding.

Tips to Prevent Head-on Collisions

Providing adequate passing zones is one way to reduce the number of head-on car accident collisions. Here are a few more strategies to prevent or reduce head-on car accident collisions.

  • Install centerline rumble strips for two-lane roads.
  • Install profiled thermoplastic strips for centerlines.
  • Provide wider cross sections on two-lane roads.
  • Provide center two-way left-turn lanes for four and two-lane roads.
  • Reallocate total two-lane roadway width (lane and shoulder) to include a narrow “buffer-median.”
  • Use alternating passing lanes or four-lane sections at key locations.
  • Install median barriers for narrow-width medians on multilane roads.
  • Better pavement markings.
  • Skid-resistant pavement surfaces.
  • Rumble strips to slow vehicles on approaches to hazardous locations.

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