Attorney (admission to bar pending)

Ryan Lindig

Ryan is a recent graduate of the University of Idaho College of Law. He began his legal journey at 14 years old, volunteering as a youth attorney for a program in Idaho that would expunge alcohol and tobacco charges for minors.

Ryan prioritizes volunteerism; before moving to Spokane, he spent two years on the board of directors for the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition, helping to prevent sex-trafficking, and to protect victims and survivors of sex-trafficking from further abuse.

Ryan has been published twice in the Idaho Advocate for his theories on protecting the intellectual property aspects of synthetic diamonds.  Download PDF. These legal pursuits overlap with his personal life, as he travels to deserts, forests, and mountains around the country to mine for precious and semi-precious gemstones by hand. An opal that he extracted from the earth became the center stone for the engagement ring he used to propose to his now-wife.

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