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The following is the Idaho Rules of the Road regarding railroad crossings.


  • Whenever any person driving a vehicle approaches a railroad grade crossing under any of the circumstances stated in this section, the driver shall stop within fifty (50) feet but not less than fifteen (15) feet from the nearest rail of the railroad, and shall not proceed until he can do so safely. These requirements shall apply when:
    1. A stop sign is in place and there is an absence of any mechanical warning signals;
    2. A clearly visible electric or mechanical signal device gives warning of the immediate approach of a railroad train;
    3. A crossing gate is lowered or when a flagman gives or continues to give a signal of the approach or passage of a railroad train;
    4. A railroad train approaching within approximately fifteen hundred (1,500) feet of the highway crossing emits a signal audible from that distance and the railroad train, by reason of its speed or nearness to the crossing, is an immediate hazard;
    5. An approaching railroad train is plainly visible and is in hazardous proximity to the crossing.
  • No person shall drive any vehicle through, around or under any crossing gate or barrier at a railroad crossing while the gate or barrier is closed or is being opened or closed.


  • The driver of any vehicle stopped at a railroad grade crossing shall listen and look in both directions along the track for any approaching train, and for signals indicating the approach of a train and shall not proceed until he can do so safely. Upon proceeding when it is safe to do so the driver shall cross only in a gear of the vehicle in order that there will be no necessity for manually changing gears while traversing the crossing, and the driver shall not manually shift gears while crossing the tracks.
  • This section shall not apply at:
    • Any railroad grade crossing at which traffic is controlled by a peace officer or flagman;
    • Any railroad grade crossing at which traffic is regulated by a traffic-control signal;
    • Any railroad grade crossing protected by crossing gates or an alternately flashing light signal intended to give warning of the approach of a railroad train; or
    • Any railroad grade crossing at which a traffic-control device gives notice that the stopping requirement imposed by this section does not apply.

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