Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Motorcycle Accident LawyerMotorcycle accidents can result in very serious injuries and even death. Surgeries and hospital stays can be substantially more extensive from a motorcycle accident. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can fight to get your medical bills paid and compensation for other things such as lost wages, pain, and suffering, etc. The motorcycle accident attorneys and lawyers of Parke Gordon Law understand what it takes it to get clients the compensation they deserve. Our motorcycle accident lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help you obtain a fair settlement for the injuries you sustained in a motorcycle accident. Let us help you deal with the insurance companies, medical bills, lost wages, and property damages resulting from a motorcycle accident. We’ll fight to get you every penny you deserve. No attorney fees will be collected until your case is settled. Here are the top ten reasons to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

  1. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will help take the stress off of you. The motorcycle accident lawyers at Parke Gordon Law Firm understand the law. We know how to fight big insurance companies to get you every penny you deserve.
  2. If the insurance company attempts to offer you a low settlement, your motorcycle accident lawyer will defend your rights.
  3. The motorcycle accident lawyers at Parke Gordon Law Firm have handled hundreds of motorcycle accident cases. Our extensive skills and in-depth knowledge will help to get you a fair settlement.
  4. The attorneys at Parke Gordon Law Firm will handle all the legal documentation as well as gather any evidence needed for your case such as obtaining medical records, police reports, etc.
  5. Parke Gordon Law Firm will handle all the negotiating with the insurance company. In fact, we will handle all communications with the insurance company and medical providers.
  6. Our experienced and trusted attorneys will explain the process of your case to you upfront, so you know exactly what to expect.
  7. Your lawyer will advise you as to what you should and should not accept as a fair settlement. Because of our experience, we know how much your case is likely worth.
  8. Parke Gordon Law Firm offers a free consultation with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. In fact, you pay nothing until your case is settled.
  9. If necessary, Parke Gordon Law Firm will be willing to file suit and go to trial if necessary, so you don’t have to accept a low-ball settlement offer.
  10. By hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer from Parke Gordon Law Firm, you can unload all the stress of your motorcycle accident case on us and focus on your recovery. With our experienced, trusted and knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorneys on your side, we can level the playing field and beat Goliath!

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Don’t wait to contact a motorcycle accident attorney. The lawyers at Parke Gordon Law are aggressive, experienced, and trusted. Our law firm will fight to ensure you get a fair settlement for your injuries. We believe every client deserves fair representation against big insurance companies with deep pockets. Call the law office of Parke Gordon now at (208) 322-7274 for a free consultation with an experienced attorney. We can usually tell you over the phone if you have a good case.

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