When to Hire a Workers Comp LawyerDeciding when to hire a workers comp lawyer depends on the severity of your injuries as well as how complex your case is. The knowledgeable personal injury attorneys at Parke Gordon Law Firm in Boise are happy to discuss your case with you during a free consultation. This is your opportunity to discuss your case with an experienced workers compensation attorney during a free case review.

When to Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer

The following are some general guidelines as to when to hire a workers comp lawyer.

  • If your employer denies your claim or you do not receive your benefits promptly.
  • The settlement offer from your employer does not cover all of your lost wages or medical bills.
  • Your injuries are preventing you from returning to work or from performing any required tasks at work.
  • There is a potential third-party claim.
  • Your boss is retaliating against you for filing a workers comp claim.

How a Workers Comp Lawyer Will Help You

A workers comp lawyer from Parke Gordon Law Firm will take the necessary steps to make sure all documents are properly filed and all deadlines are met. In addition, a workers compensation attorney will be able to obtain documents to prove the severity of your injuries. Unrepresented claimants often make the costly error of relying on the physician to provide proper documentation from exams to insurance companies. This can either cost the client money or drag out the settlement. Moreover, an experienced workers comp attorney can accurately estimate the value of a case much more efficiently than a co-worker, friend or family member.

Workers Comp Lawyer Boise

Hire the experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at Parke Gordon Law Firm in Boise to handle your workers compensation case. Our law firm believes every client deserves fair representation, not just big insurance companies with deep pockets. Contact our Boise law office today to get started with a free consultation. We can usually tell you over the phone if you have a good case.

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