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Ten Driving Tips for Driving in the Fog

Driving in the fog causes low to no visibility which makes roadways very dangerous and often causes many car accidents. Fog-related accident cause more than 500 fatalities and almost 12,000 injuries each year in the U.S. according to the Federal Highway Administration.

Rollover Semi-Truck Accident Due to Fog Near Spokane

Washington State Police responded to several car accidents last week due to foggy conditions. One accident, in particular, was a semi-truck which rolled over blocking one eastbound lane near Spokane, Washington. No injuries were reported in this semi-truck accident.

Here are some driving tips you need to know to drive in the fog.

10 Driving Tips for Driving in the Fog

  1. Use your windshield wipers and defrost. The moisture on your windshield often creates a glare making it even more difficult to see. Keep your windshield as clear as possible by using your windshield wipers and defroster.
  2. Use your low beam headlights to reduce glare. Low beam actually will help to reduce glare in the fog giving you greater visibility.
  3. Avoid using cruise control. Fog can be very unpredictable. It is best to maintain full control of your vehicle while driving through fog.
  4. Leave plenty of following distance. Less visibility means you may need more time to brake. Slow down.
  5. Avoid following the brake lights in front of you. It is a common misconception to follow the lights of the car in front of you. Doing so will only narrow your field of vision and you may hit something by mistake.
  6. Follow the line of the road to guide you. Slow down and drive cautiously as you drive along the right side of the roadway. The roadside reflectors can help to guide you.
  7. Check your mirrors and slow down before turning. Gently apply your brakes early so you can start to slow down before it’s too late. Your brake lights will alert other drivers that you are intending to turn.
  8. If a car is following close behind you, don’t accelerate. You may be tempted to speed up to get someone off your bumper. However, doing so is dangerous for you. Continue at a safe, reasonable speed even if other drivers don’t.
  9. If you decide to pull over to wait out the fog, pull off the side of the road as far as possible. Once stopped, turn on your hazard lights so other drivers are aware you are there. Remember everyone is having a hard time seeing, so be safe by getting out of the way while also letting others know you are there.
  10. If possible, stay home if the fog is bad. The best advice we could give you for driving in the fog is DON’T.

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