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Common Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Workers Comp Case

Workers compensation attorneys and lawyers of Parke Gordon Law Firm are dedicated to helping clients who have suffered a personal injury while on the job. Our worker’s compensation lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help you obtain a fair settlement for the injuries you sustained while at work. Our lawyers will help you deal with insurance companies, medical bills, and lost wages resulting from an accident at work. The worker’s compensation attorneys and lawyers at Parke Gordon Law Firm will fight to get you every penny you’re owed. However, there are some common mistakes you should be aware of to avoid hurting your worker's comp case.

Common Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Workers Comp Case

Mistake 1: Failing to Report Your Accident Properly

The most import thing you can do to help your worker's comp case is to report your accident to your employer immediately.

Mistake 2: Failing to Give an Accurate Medical History

After being injured on the job, you will want to visit a medical professional to obtain medical records of the injuries. This will greatly help your case. However, while visiting with the doctor or medical professional, be sure to give an accurate and up to date medical history. If you fail to tell the medical provider how your injury occurred or that it occurred while at work, you could be harming your claim. This could also prevent you from receiving the medical care you need. Tell the medical provider of all your symptoms or complaints so they can properly diagnose the situation.

Mistake 3: Failing to Follow Up on Requested Medical Treatment

When a medical professional suggests medical treatment or follow up procedures, they do so for your benefit. Failing to follow up with treatment could harm your worker's compensation claim. Be thorough with the doctors you are working with and follow all instructions given to be sure to have the best outcome.

Mistake 4: Not Hiring an Experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer

After being injured on the job, many people fail to seek the advice of a workers compensation lawyer for the following reasons.

  • They don’t believe they need a lawyer.
  • They don’t know of a lawyer to contact, so they don’t bother to find one.
  • They aren’t sure if they can trust a lawyer, so they won’t use one.
  • The insurance company told them they would end up with less money if they hired a lawyer. (This is definitely NOT true.)
  • They fear their employer will retaliate against them or treat them poorly.

All of these reasons to hire a lawyer. In spite of all these fears, an experienced workers compensation lawyer from Parke Gordon Law Firm will fight for every penny you deserve. Our law firm believes every client deserves fair representation against big insurance companies with deep pockets. Call Parke Gordon Law Firm today for a free consultation with an experienced work comp lawyer.

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