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How Head-on Semi-Truck Accidents Usually Occur

Head-on collisions are the most deadly type of crash due to speed of both vehicles at the time of impact. The sudden change in velocity which occurs upon impact causes serious damages and injuries. When a head-on semi-truck accident occurs, the weight of the semi can be up to 80,000 pounds and the weight of a common passenger car can be 4,000 pounds or less. Obviously, the semi-truck has a better chance of coming out unharmed.

Head-on semi-truck accidents only make up about three percent of all semi-truck accidents per year according to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Therefore, the chances of being involved in a head-on semi-truck accident are quite low. The following are some ways of how head-on semi-truck accidents usually occur.

How Head-on Semi-Truck Accidents Usually Occur

  1. A driver passes another vehicle on a rural on-way road. A solid yellow line painted on the roadway is to indicate that it is unsafe to pass in that area. However, many drivers still do it.
  2. The driver is suffering from a medical issue or falls asleep. Head-on car accidents happen most frequently at nighttime when visibility is low and driver fatigue is high.
  3. An alcohol-impaired driver causes the driver to swerve or leave his or her lane of travel.
  4. A confused driver travels in the wrong direction on a one-way road or highway ramp.
  5. This is particularly the cause for head-on collisions on rural roads or winding roadways. A vehicle may not be able to stay in its lane when negotiating curves and oncoming traffic is unable to see the vehicle until it’s too late.
  6. Bad weather conditions making it hard for the driver to see where his or her lane of travel is.
  7. When a driver swerves to avoid an obstacle in the roadway. For example, another vehicle, animal, person, or debris.
  8. A tire blowout or other vehicle malfunction which causes the driver to lose control. Blown out tires are a common occurrence for tractor-trailers.
  9. Distracted driving causes the driver to drift out of his or her lane of travel and into oncoming traffic.
  10. In a construction zone that has altered the lane alignment causing the driver to become confused and ends up winding him or her into oncoming traffic.
  11. Multiple car pileups that involves vehicles being pushed into opposing lanes of travel.

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