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Road Rage Caused Serious Bicycle Accident

Spokane Police reported a bicyclist in serious condition after being purposefully hit by a car that fled the scene of the accident. According to witnesses, road rage caused this serious bicycle accident near Spokane. The man on the bike and the driver of the vehicle got into an argument witness said. The driver then swerved into the bicyclist and took off. Police are continuing to investigate and interview potential witnesses concerning this bicycle accident. Witnesses described the vehicle as a black sedan with Idaho license plates.

Know how bicyclists can handle a driver with road rage to protect yourself should you be in such a situation when riding your bike.

How Bicyclists Can Handle a Driver with Road Rage

A study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reported some 80 percent of drivers expressed feeling road rage behind the wheel within the past year. In addition, about 8 million U.S. drivers engaged in extreme road rage such as purposely hitting another vehicle. Road rage is an all too common occurrence and is extremely dangerous for a bicyclist. A bicyclist does not have 3,000 pounds of steel around them for protection. Here’s how to handle a driver with road rage when riding your bike.

Remain Calm in a Road Rage Situation

If you are riding your bicycle around a driver who is yelling out the window towards you, remember to remain calm. Follow the rules of the road concerning riding a bicycle. When a bicyclist is riding their bike on the roadway, legally they are to follow the same rules of the road as a vehicle. If the bicyclist is riding their bike on the sidewalk, they are to follow the same rules as a pedestrian.

An expert from the Law Enforcement Bicycle Association says motorists want to see the cyclist do something wrong so they can complain about it. If you’re obeying all traffic laws, you are not at fault. If the situation is bad enough, consider reporting the aggressive driver to police. Make a note of the vehicle make, model, color, and plate number to report it to the police. Also make note of the physical characteristics of the driver, the time of day and where the incident occurred to tell the police. The more detail the better. It is also extremely helpful to talk to witnesses and ask for their phone number so the police can get a statement from them. Without a witness statement, it is likely the police will not get involved.

Remove Yourself from a Road Rage Situation

The best tactic in a road rage situation is to remove yourself. Get to somewhere safe where the driver is not able to hit you while riding a bike. You could move onto the sidewalk, slow down and let the car pass, turn on the next street, make a legal U-turn, etc.

Defend Yourself from a Driver’s Road Rage

If the driver continues to act aggressively and you are unable to get to a safe place, you do have a right to defend yourself in most states to prevent being injured. Call 911 immediately and leave the call live even if you are unable to talk to the dispatcher. Pull over and put your bike between yourself and the driver. Never get violent against a person or their vehicle even if you feel threatened. Doing so legally makes you the aggressor. Engage only as much as you need to in order to create distance and get away.

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