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What You Need to Know About Semi Truck Blind Spots

A semi truck is much more difficult to drive than a typical passenger vehicle. Though a regular passenger vehicle has blind spots, an 18 wheeler or semi truck has blind spots in front, on both sides and behind a tractor trailer. Truck drivers may not be able to see small cars so they move over without knowing anyone is there. Hopefully, there is space for you to move out of the way. But all too often a semi truck driver changes lanes and collides with a vehicle already in that lane. Here are some things you need to know about semi truck blind spots to help you avoid a serious accident with a semi truck.

What You Need to Know About Semi Truck Blind Spots

Staying out of the blind spots of a semi truck when driving near one can drastically reduce your odds of an unfortunate encounter with a semi truck. The blind spots of a semi truck include 20 feet in front, 30 feet behind, and on both sides.

How to Avoid a Semi Trucks Blind Spots

When a Semi Truck is Behind You, Move

If a semi truck is following close behind you, consider changing lanes to avoid being in their blind spot. A semi truck driver is unable to see you if you are less than 20 feet in front of them.

Avoid Driving Along Side a Semi Truck

Driving next to a semi truck or large vehicle can be very dangerous as it is unlikely the driver is aware you are there. To get out of a risky situation, consider driving faster or slowing down to let the truck beside you pass. When passing, do so on the left-hand side as the blind spot for a semi truck is much smaller on the left side than it is on the right-hand side.

When Driving Behind a Semi Truck, Never Tailgate

Driving behind a slow moving vehicle such as a semi truck can be very frustrating. However, it is important to never tailgate a semi truck. The blind spot behind a semi truck is 30 feet. It is likely the semi truck driver is not even aware you are there. Following closely behind a semi also blocks your vision of other traffic as well.

Give a Semi Truck Space

Whenever possible, give a semi truck driver plenty of space whether you are driving alongside or behind. A typical tractor-trailer can weigh 80,000 pounds. Compared to a passenger vehicle that can be 4,000 to 5,000 pounds, a semi truck takes a lot more space and distance to stop. Giving extra distance and avoiding the known blind spots of a semi truck can greatly reduce your chance of being in a serious semi truck accident.

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Contact an experienced semi truck accident lawyer at Parke Gordon Law Firm as soon as possible after an accident. An important first step to recovering from a semi truck accident is to protect your legal rights. semi truck companies are required by federal law to keep documents about their trucks and their drivers but after a period of time, they may destroy those documents. You need to hire a semi truck lawyer immediately after a truck accident who can preserve evidence that can be used to demonstrate that the trucking company and its driver were negligent. An attorney can protect your rights by sending a special letter called a spoliation letter to the trucking company. After receipt of the letter, the trucking company will be forced to preserve the documents. If the documents show a pattern of willful and reckless behavior, you may be entitled to recover punitive damages.

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